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In the Mediterranean Sea there is one country that stands out and will provide the best prerequisites for a romantic cruise: Greece. The literally thousands of Greek isles offer a profusion of different coastlines each with its own characteristics, but all with spectacular ancient Greek history and culture, readily on display at the myriad archaeological sites that can be visited all over these isles in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Many of the islands are a must-see on a cruise in Greece, a few of the highlights: Therefore, we see that three areas have an agglomeration of must-see islands that are ideal to cruise Greece.
  1. Eastern Sporades
  2. Dodecanese islands
  3. Southern Cyclades (south of Paros/Naxos)
This is particularly significant since the ideal cruise Greece concept will only cover 7-8 islands per week. Another interesting point is that the Eastern Sporades border to the beautiful Ionian coast of Turkey, and that the Dodecanese border to the equally charming Carian coast, further increasing the cruising potential.

To cruise Greece in the southern Cyclades is a bit more difficult; Paros yacht charter base is the only proper base from which you can start your cruise here, since Athens - the most important port for a cruise Greece vacation - is quite some distance away.
A cruise in the Dodecanese can start at Kos, Rhodes, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Gocek.
For the Eastern Sporades: Samos, Izmir, Kusadasi, Gulluk and again Bodrum.

The typical cruise Greece options are twofold

The first and modern possibility is by a fully crewed yacht charter, usually in the form of a powerful superyacht or megayacht. Yet, renting a more regular yacht with captain, and optional hostess and cook, might provide a more affordable version of such a vacation. These regular yachts are usually the popular Beneteau Oceanis or Jeanneau Sun Odyssey yacht types.

The more romantic option is a gulet cruise which in Turkey (the Turquoise coast) is called either a blue cruise or a blue voyage. This cruise Greece option takes place on lovely wooden replicas of the traditional fishing boats of the area. These motor-sailers are fully crewed with every luxury and comfort: staterooms with ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning and chef cooks. However, in the southern Cyclades these gulet motorsailers will be harder to find than the regular crewed charters and superyachts.

To cruise Greece the best way, also see my yacht charter guide.

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