Yacht charters Greece & Turkey

A lot of visitors have shared their chartering experiences with me and perhaps you as well can help other sailors by reporting your own charter experiences. These reports show that just a few were fully satisfied, and too many were disappointed in their charter companies.

I have to admit, my friends and I have made the same mistakes with inferior companies but now we have found those trustworthy charter businesses and local fleets, with prices that are – surprisingly enough – very competitive.

Needless to say that we have enjoyed perfect sailing holidays since.

For the Adriatic please see the yacht charters in Croatia page.

The splendid port of Symi in the Dodecanese.

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I hope you stay clear of companies that obviously spend a lot of their budget on marketing instead on service and maintenance!
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Ionian yachting and yacht charters
Charter yachts at anchor at Paxos, South of Corfu island, Ionian Sea. Hi-res image

Report your charter experiences

Many visitors have already shared their charter experiences with me. By taking the time to fill in the following form you will help other yachtspersons finding a reliable and trustworthy charter company. Your report – and any part of it – will be treated strictly confidential and will therefore not be passed on to the corresponding charter companies or any other party.
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The best tips

  • Rent your yacht about 8 months in advance : more affordable, more choice, options like one-ways or 10 days still possible.
  • Budget tips.
  • In two weeks [2] you will see three times [3] as much as in one week [1]
  • Charter your yacht with the fleet owner directly, without an agent or middleman.
  • Do consider starting out of Athens despite a couple of hours sailing to the first must-see ports/anchorages.
    Athens offers more than 90% of the charter yachts as well as better prices. Moreover, some of the best fleets only operate out of Alimos/Kalamaki marina in Athens and not elsewhere. And lastly, the international airport…
Anthony Quinn bay (tugged behind Cape Ladiko) on Rhodes.