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About this website
Acropolis - the Akropolis of Athens
Adhamas port on Milos
Aegean Sea
Aegina - Aigina - Saronic island
Akropolis - the Athens' Akropolis
Alimos marina - yacht charters out of Athens
Alphabet of Turkey
Allonisos - Alonissos in the Northern Sporades
Ambracian - Amvrakia - Amvrakikos Gulf near Preveza
Amorgos - south Cycladic island
Anatolia - Anatolian yachting holidays
Andiparos - Antiparos
Andros - north Cycladic island near Andros
Angistri - Saronic island
Antimelos - Antimilos
Antipaxi - Antipaxoi - Antipaxos island north Ionian
Aphaia temple on Aegina
Apollonia on Sifnos
Argolida - Argolide - Argolis
Argolic Gulf - west of the Saronic Gulf
Argostoli port on Kefalonia
Arki island east of Patmos
ASA - American Sailing Association sailing schools
Asia minor - sailing holidays
Assisted bareboat charters
Astipalaia - Astypalea - Astypalaia
Ataturk - history of Turkey
Athens sailing guide
Athens temps. weather and climate graphs


Bareboats - Bare boat yacht charters
BCE - Before Current Era - Before Common Era
Beaufort wind scale
Beaufort wind forces in the Aegean & Ionian
Blue cruises - blue voyages in the Aegean
Bodrum - yacht charter base
Bodrum temps. weather and climate graphs
Books on (sailing in) Turkey and Greece
Budget - Budget yacht charters
Buoys and other navigation aids
Burkina Faso - charity: Help Burkina Foundation


Cabin charters on gulets
Cabin & berth charter on sailing yachts
Caïques - Caiccos - gulets and motorsailers
Cape Sounion
Captain - crewed yacht charters
Cardinal buoys and marks
Carian coast of Turkey - sailing holidays
Catamarans - multihulls
CE - Current Era - Common Era
Cefalonia - Ionian sea
Celsius - °C
Cetaceans - marine mammals
Cephalonia - Cephallonia
Charity - Help Burkina Faso - Kiva micro-lending
Charted depth
Charter bases - yacht charter bases in Greece
Charter companies in Greece and Turkey
Charter yacht selection
Chart projections
Chart sounding datum
Charts nautical
Charts nautical commercial
Chios island - Hios or Khios island
Chozoviotissa Monastery on Amorgos
Classical orders
Climate - of Greece
Clouds - how to forecast rain
Compass - marine navigation
Compass course
Cook - chef cook, fully crewed charters
Corfu - north Ionian
Corinth Canal
Corinthian order
Cos - charter base Dodecanese
Couples: cabin charters or private charters?
Courtesy flag
Crewed yachts - crewed charters
Croatia - bareboat and crewed sailing holidays
Cross bearing
Cumulus & cumulonimbus clouds
Customs & port police
Customs: sailing across Greece and Turkey borders
Currents and streams
Cyclades routes - itineraries


Dalmatian coast
Danger bearing
Date line
Datum - Chart sounding datum
Daylight - sun hours in Greece
Dead reckoning
Decimal separator
Delos - Dilos - the central island of the Cyclades
Depth sounding fix
Desktop wallpapers of Greece
Deviation - magnetic deviation
Deviation table example
Dhokos - west of Hydra
Didyma site
Diolkos - Corinth Canal
Dipping range
Distance of the horizon
Distances between Greek ports
Diurnal tide
Diver down flag
Dodecanese - Dodekanisos
Dodecanese routes - itineraries
Dokos - west of Hydra
Dolphins and whales
Donations - Kiva, Help Burkina
Doric order
Double angle fix
“dry.” subdomain - all non-sailing related
Drying height


East Lycian coast - sailing holiday guide
Easter - Orthodox Easter Sunday dates
Egina island in the Saronic
Elevation of lights/lighthouses
Epidavros - Epidauros, Palaia Epidavros, Palea Epidavros
Ermioni - near Hydra
Ermoupolis port on Syros
Estimated position - navigation
Estimation with horizon - navigation
Etiquette - Q flag & courtesy flag
Extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird


Fahrenheit - °F
Feeds - recent additions
Ferries and hydrofoils in Greece
Fethiye port - sailing Lycia in Turkey
Finikia on Santorini
Fira or Skala
Firefox Extensions
Fiscardo port on Kefalonia
Fishing nets, lines and techniques
Fix by depth soundings
Flags - flag etiquette
Flights - airlines and tickets
Flotillas in Greece
Flotilla bareboats - assisted bareboat charters (Ionian)
Folegandros - south Cyclades
Forecasts for Greece and Turkey
Forecast showers - rain and clouds
Formalities - entering Greece
Four point fix - navigation
Friends - well, their websites anyway
Full charters & private gulet charters
Fully crewed charters - crewed yachts


Gallery - Photos of Greece
Geographic range
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
Gnomeric projection - the nautical map
Goulettes and gullets
Gouvia marina on Corfu
GPS waypoints - Ionian islands
Great circles
Greek chart terms - Ormos, Nisos, Oros, Stena, Kolpos, Vrakhos, Akrotirion
Greek climate
Greek culture
Greek temple
Greek Waters Pilot
Guide to yacht charters and sailing holidays
Gulet companies - Turkey and Greece
Gulet companies - Croatia
Gulets - Gullets - Gülets
Gyres - ocean surface currents


Height of Light
Hermoupolis port on Syros
Holiday season
Horizon estimation
Horizontal Geodetic Datum
Hostess - fully crewed yachts
Hozoviotissa Monastery on Amorgos
Hydra - Argosaronic Gulf


Index error of sextant
Ionian Sea
Ionian coast of Turkey - sailing guide
Ionic order and Ionic order image
Ionic - Ionian
Ios - south Cyclades
Iraklia - Little Cyclades south of Naxos
Islam in the secular state of Turkey
Island hopping
Isthmus of Corinth
Ithaca - Ithaka - Ionian island
Itineraries in the Ionian Sea
Itineraries in the Saronic & Argolic Gulfs
Itineraries in the Cyclades
Itineraries in the Dodecanese


Kalamaki marina - yacht charters out of Athens
Kalimnos - Kalymnos
Kamares port on Sifnos
Karos - Little Cyclades
Karavostasi - Karavostassi
Katapola port on Amorgos
Kefallinia - Kefallonia - Kefalonia - Kephalonia
Kerkira - Kerkyra - Corfu
Kimolos - Poliagos and Milos
Kiva - micro-lending - charity
Knots - Nautical miles per hour
Korfu - Kerkira
Korisia - Korissia port on Kea
Kos island
Kubuntu - Linux tips
Kyklades - Aegean
Kythnos island


Lakki marina on Leros
Lavrion Port
Lateral buoys and marks
Latitudes and longitudes
Leading lights
Lefkas - Levkas - Lefkada
Leros island
Leukade - south Ionian
Lights and lighthouses
Linaria port on Skyros
Line of position< Links and resources
Lipso - east of Patmos
Logbook Cyclades 1, 2, 3 and 4
Logbook Ionian
Logbook Ionian Sailing 1, 2 and 3
LOP - Line Of Position
Loutra port on Kythnos
Luxury charters and cruises
Lycian coast east - Turkey
Lycian coast west - Turkey
Lycian tombs


Maistro - Maistros or Maestral wind
Magnetic course
Magnetic deviation
Magnetic declination
Magnetic variation
Maps political
Maps nautical
Marks and buoys
Marmaris - yacht charter base
Mathematics of running fixes
Mathematics of distance of horizon
Mathematics of sextant angles
Mausoleum - tomb of King Mausolus
Mediterranean - sailing holidays and cruises
Mega yachts
Meltemi wind
Mercator - Mercator projection
Mericha on Kythnos
Methana in the Saronic
Mikonos and Dilos islands
Mixed tide
Monk seals - Mediterranean monk seals
Monohulls and multihulls
Moslim religion in Turkey
Motor yachts
Motor sailers - motorsailers
Multihulls - catamarans
Myconos - Mykonos and Delos islands


Nafplio - Nafplion in the Argolic
Naoussa port on Paros
Nauplio - Nauplio - Argolic Gulf
Nautical charts - Nautical maps
Nautical mile
Navigation courses and sailing schools
Navigation aids - buoys, marks and lighthouses
Navplio - Navplion
Naxos - central Cyclades
Neap tide and spring tide
Nisiros - Nisyros in the Dodecanese
NMPANS - National Marine Park Alonissos - Northern Sporades
Northern Sporades - Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos


Observed depth
Oia on Santorini
One-way - One way charters
One-way itineraries - oneways Aegean


Paros charter base
Parallels and Meridians
Parikia - Paroikia port on Paros
Patitiri port on Alonissos
Patmos island
Paxi - Poxoi - Paxos
Pelagos - Kira Panayia
Peloponnese - peloponneso - Peloponnisos - Peloponese
Peloponnese passages - Gytheio, Plitra, Pylos, Methoni, Kyparissia, Katakolon, Olympia
Peristera on Alonissos
Photo gallery
Pileus (plural: pilei) - meteorological term
Poliagos and Milos
Poros in the Saronic
Portolan - Portolani
Ports of Entry - Turkey and Greece
Poseidon temple at Sounion
Position fix
Preveza port
Privacy policy
Private charters & full charters on gulets
Projections - map projections
Provisions - Provisioning
Psara and Chios islands
Pythagorion - Pithagorion marina on Samos


Raindrops are spherical - not shaped like teardrops
Rain forecasts
Range - Line of position range
Range - tidal range
Range lights
Religion in secular Turkey
Rhodes - Rhodos - Dodecanese
Rhinia - Rineia - Rinia - Mykonos
Rock tombs of Caria
Rock tombs of Lycia
RSS feeds
Rule of Seven
Rule of Twelve
Running fix
RYA - Royal Yachting Association sailing schools


Sailing areas
Sailing maps of Greece
Sailing schools - RYA schools in Greece
Sailing schools - RYA schools in the UK and Ireland
Sailing season
Sailing weather
Samos - Pythagorion marina
Sanctuary of Olympia in the Ionian
Santorini - Sailing inside a volcano
Sarcophagi - Lycian tombs
Saronic Golf near Athens
Satellite - Satelite photos of Greece
Search this website
Seasickness - Sea-sickness prevention
Seawater surface temperatures
Secular compass variation
Self sail - bareboats
Semi-diurnal tide
Serifos - Seriphos
Showers - forcasting rain and clouds
Skala on Santorini
Skiathos - yacht charter base
Skopelos Northern Sporades
Skyros - Sporades
Sifnos - Siphnos
Sikinos and Folegandros
Simi - Symi island
Siros - capital of the Cyclades
Site map - Table of Contents
Skippered yachts - skippered charters
Small circles
Snellius construction
Snorkelling - sea temperatures
Sounion - Poseidon Temple
Special angle fix
Spetses - Argolic Gulf
Sporades - Skiathos, Alonissos, Skopelos
Spring tide
Stepping stones between Cyclades & Dodecanese
Stereographic projection
Subdomain - “dry.” - all non-sailing related
Sunrise - Sunset - Daylight for Greece
Super yachts - mega yachts
Swimming - sea temperatures
Symi - Simi
Syros - Siros yacht charter base


Table of Contents - Site map
Teardrop fallacy - raindrops are spherical
Temple architecture
Temple of Aphaia on Aegina
Temple of Poseidon at Sounion
Tidal curve
Tilos - Nisyros and Kos
Tower of winds - Tower of the winds
Thera - Thira - Santorini
Thirasia - Santorini
Thunderbird Extensions
Tinos and Andros
Tipping - gratuity or fee for skipper & crew
Toponyms - Chora, Skala, Loutra, Vathi, Panormos, Profitis Ilias, Acropolis
Transit fix
Transit log - sailing your own yacht in Greece
True course
Tuna fishing
Turkish alphabet
Turkish phrases and language
Tzia or Kea island


UTC - Universal Time Coordinated
Uitspraak Frans - Franse Fonetiek [in Dutch]


Variation - Magnetic variation
Venus de Milo
Vertical sextant angle
Virga - meteorological term
Vlichada Marina - Vlihada on Santorini
Volcano of Nisyros
Volcano of Santorini
Vote for SailingIssues.com - vote for my website!


Wallpapers - desktop wallpapers
Water temperatures and climate data
Waypoints Ionian Sea - GPS waypoints
Weather forecasts
West Lycian coast - sailing holiday guide
WGS-84 datum
Wind roses Greece - Wind directions & climate data for the Ionian & the Aegean
Wind roses Croatia and Adriatic
Wind roses Turkey and Cyprus
Windchill - Wind chill factor forecasts
Whales and Dolphins in Turkey and Greece


Yacht charters guide on sailing holidays
Yacht charter advice - Turkey and Greece
Yacht charter advice - Croatia
Yachts - choosing your ideal charter yacht
Ydra - Hydra island in the Saronic


Zakinthos - Zakynthos - south Ionian
Zante - south Ionian

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8 steps towards a successful sailing holiday
Top 10 and Top 25 Greek islands