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Nautical charts Croatia

To complement the GPS plotter there are several paper charts to consider.

The best known publications – certainly on the charter yachts, request reliable yacht charter companies – are by Imray.
Two passage charts, the M23 Adriatic Sea Passage Chart and the M30 Southern Adriatic and Ionian Seas.
Four cruising charts: M24 Golfo di Trieste to Lošinj and Rab, M25 Otok Rab to Sibenik, M26 Split to Dubrovnik, M27 Dubrovnik to Bar and Ulcinj.
See my Imray section below.

We set course for the quay of Šibenik which is just south of the distinctive cupola (visible near the mast) of the Cathedral of St James; UNESCO listed as the prime architectural monument of the Renaissance in the whole of Croatia.

British Admiralty charts – though more expensive – offer much more details since printed in larger formats and in larger scales too.

The following ten BA Charts are recommended: 2719, 202, 515, 2711, 2774, 2712, 1574, 1580, 1582.

Male Karte

The Croatian Male Karte sets 1 and 2 likewise offer larger scales and more details than Imray. Male karte means “small charts”.
The nautical charts below are not for navigational purposes and numbers 11, 12, 28 and 29 are unavailable.

Sailing charts and maps of the Adriatic and Croatia yacht charters
Northern Male Karte charts of the Adriatic/Croatia.
Map areas and also the passage chart are clickable.
Sailing charts and maps of Split Croatia yacht charters
Southern Male Karte charts of the Adriatic/Croatia.
Map areas are clickable.

Abbreviations and expressions on Croatian nautical charts

Abbr. English   Abbr. Croatian Abbr. English   Abbr. Croatian
W White   B Bijelo F Fixed   S Stalno
R Red   C Crveno Fl Flash   Bl Bljeskovi
G Green   Z Zeleno Q Fl Quick Flash   B Bl Brzi Bljeskovi
Y Yellow   Ž Žuto S Fl Short Flash   K Bl Kratki Bljeskovi
      L Fl Long Flash   D Bl Dugi Bljeskovi
      Iso Isophase   Izo Izofase
      Occ Occulting   Pk Prekide

  If a lighthouse shows the abbreviation POT in a marked area, it means POTAMJENO, which is Croatian for “not visible”.

Furthermore, islands in Croatian:  “otoci”, islets  “otočići” and rocks  “hridi” 

    Croatian English
AN Avvissi ai Naviganti Notice to Mariners (Italian) see OZP
B Bijeli White
Bl Bljesak Flash
C, c Crveno, crvena Red
cb crveno – bijelo Red – White
cr crno Black
cr ž crno – žuto Black – Yellow
cr ž cr crno – žuto – crno Black – Yellow – Black
Dop Dopuna Addition
E Istok East
EF Elenco dei Fari 'List of Lights' in Italian
HR, hr hrid Rock, Cliff
k kamen Stone / Rock (seabed)
K Kratki Short
kab kabel Cable
kor Koralj Coral (seabed)
KAN Kanal Channel, Strait
L Luka Harbour
L. pl. Lučki plan Harbour Plan
M, m mulj Mud (seabed)
N Sjever, Sjeverni North
Nar Narančasto Orange
NE Sjeveroistok Northeast
NW Sjeverozapad Northwest
O, Oi Otok, Otoci Island, Islands
OZP Oglas Za Pomorc Notice to Mariners
p pijesak Sand (seabed)
Pl plutača Buoy
Pk prekid, prekidno Pause
Plič pličina, plićak Sandbank / shoal
    Croatian English
Pm Promjenljivo Changing / variable
Pol Poluotok Peninsula
POT Potamnjeno Not visible
prib približna pozicija Estimated position
Pv Plavo Blue
S jug, južni South
s sekunda Second
sekt sektor Sector
SE jugoistok Southeast
sj sjaj Clarity
SV, sv sveti Holy / Saint
Svj pl svjetleća plutača Light Beacon / Light Buoy
str stranica Page / Side
SW jugozapad Southwest
š šljunak Pebbles (seabed)
šk školjke Mussels / Shells
t trava (on map) Sea Grass (seabed)
t tona (in text) Tonne (weight)
toč točka Point
U, u Uvala Bay / Bight
V Veliki, Veli Large
Vert Vertikalan Vertical
Vid Vidljivost Visibility
VK Vrlo Kratki Very Short
W Zapad, Zapadni West
Wk Podrtina (on map) Wreck
Z Zeleno Green
Ž žuto Yellow
ž cr žuto – crno Yellow – Black
ž cr ž žuto – crno – žuto Yellow – Black – Yellow

Adriatic passage charts

Winds Croatia

Windrose example
Climate data
wind roses Adriatic
Croatian coasts

Wind rose example:
Calms:  2%
from N:  ~6% 6Bft
from NE:  0
from E:  ~6% 4Bft
from SE:  ~11% 5Bft
from S:  ~5% 4Bft
from SW:  ~24% 6Bft
from W:  31% 6Bft
from NW: v~14% 6Bft
~  means you have to make an estimate.

Sailing holidays Split (pix)
Adriatic islands sailing (pix)
Bareboat Croatia (pix)


Top 25 largest islands and location

 Size Island Nearest mainland port
 1 (biggest)CresPula, RijekaImportant islands of Croatia - list of biggest
 6KorčulaSplit, Dubrovnik
 7Dugi otokZadar
 21Mali LošinjRijeka

Important ports along the east Adriatic seaboard – from SE to NW – are: Bar, Budva, Kotor, Zelenika, Dubrovnik/Gruž, Kardeljevo/Ploče, Vela Luka, Korčula, Ubli, Komiza + Vis, Hvar, Stari Grad, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Sali, Primošten, Božava, Mali Lošinj, Pula.

Imray charts & Pilot Adriatic

Adriatic & Dalmatian coasts

The Adriatic consists of:

  • The east coast of Italy:
    this shallow western shore of the Adriatic Sea is mostly very wearisome, with hardly any picturesque or worthwhile ports. Notable exceptions are – from south to north – The medieval harbour of Otranto, Monopoli (south of Bari), Molfetta (north of Bari), Trani, Manfredonia, anchorages in the nature reserve of the Tremiti islands and the river harbour of Cesenatico.
  • Italian Venice to Trieste coast:
    this northernmost part of the Adriatic is uncomfortably shallow, with many ugly marinas to avoid. Do, however, visit Muggia, Grignano (Miramare castle), Duino, Laguna di Marano, Laguna di Grado and of course Trieste and Venice.
  • Slovenia:
    the tiny stretch of coastline south of Trieste with just three, but very worthwhile ports; Piran, Izola and Koper/Capodistria.
  • Croatia (including the 20 km seaboard of Bosnia-Herzegovina):
    a much indented coast with a myriad of islands and isles. This epitome of cruising grounds is only surpassed by Greece and Turkey.
  • Montenegro:
    a small but lovely area with ports like Petrovac na Moru, Sveti Stefan anchorage, Budva, Bigova, Kotor and the Kotor Gulf.
  • Albania:
    this country – adjacent to Corfu – is avoided by all but the most adventurous sailors.

The Dalmatian coast – located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea – stretches from island of Rab in the north (Chart MK 7) to the Bay of Kotor in the south (Chart MK 27) in Montenegro.

Not only the coastline of Croatia, with important ports like Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Šibenik, but also ~80 larger islands (largest being Brač, Pag and Hvar) and hundreds of smaller islets make up the Dalmatian coast, sailing tips for Croatia – Trogir.

Yacht charters Croatia

Request reliable yacht charter companies for Croatia – monohulls & catamarans.

Similar for luxury crewed charters & gulets in the Adriatic and Croatia.

 For sailing holidays, focus on the coasts and islands between Venice and Bar, which includes the Dalmatian coast, and best to sail out of Split or Dubrovnik

For other Mediterranean sailing areas: Greece and Turkey.

Yacht anchored off Primošten; narrow cobbled streets, vineyards, 17th c. city walls, and the unmistakable bell tower.


Croatian Meteorological… Marine forecasts  and  NWP
Meteomar  •  Yr  •  LaMMA  •  Windfinder