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Primarily in the east Aegean and along the Turkish coasts you can cruise larger wooden motorsailers called gulets, which are a balanced blend between Turkey's indigenous sea-going vessel and 20th century naval architecture.
The Adriatic Sea - Croatia as well as the Ionian in Greece are also ideal for gulet cruises.

Gulet cruising in short

Gulet charters

Cabin charter or Private charter

When there is just you and your partner, you can rent a master cabin: a cabin charter and join the 3 to 6 other couples on your holiday in Greece or Turkey. The gulet will usually take a predefined sailing route. Most luxury crewed charters will only be available as private charter though.

With a private charter or full charter you and your party will have the whole gulet and its crew at your disposal with a decisive say in the route/itinerary and the activities. Just think of it as your own private charter yacht.
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Possibly downsides of Gulet cruises

The term gulet might be derived from the French goulette (schooner) or the Venetian galiota. Yet, the archetype gulet is not a schooner, but is ketch rigged with a sharp bow, broad beam and rounded aft. These two-masted pine wood vessels, whose main purpose were transport and fishing along the south west coasts of Turkey, are nowadays newly built with the luxury and comfort of charter yachts in mind.
For unbiased advice on gulet cruises and holidays visit my gulet charters Turkey & Greece page and gulet charters Croatia page.

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