Blue cruise in the Turquoise coast

The Turquoise coast

The Turquoise coast - curved around the southwest corner of Asia Minor (Turkey) - holds the top four gulet cruise areas in the whole Mediterranean Sea. And a cruise in the Ionian coast also gives you the opportunity to visit the Eastern Sporades of Greece and similarly from the Carian coast you can explore the Dodecanese islands of Greece. Note, that crossing the border has some limitations. The port fees for Greek ports are usually not included in the total price, but more importantly, Greek law prohibits Turkish vessels to enter with more than 12 guests. A law that is an act of blatant protectionism since the Turkish gulets are usually more luxurious yet also cheaper than the Greek motorsailers. For this very reason you won't see Greek gulets along the Turquoise coast!

Indeed, the best gulets (Turkish) can be found in and around Bodrum, the port from which these traditional motorsailers originate. The modern equivalent still bears the resemblance of the earliest fishing boat, but is now fully crewed and equipped with all comfort and luxury to allow for a perfect cruise along the Turquoise coast.

The appellation Turquoise coast adequately describes the stunning colour of the translucent blue bays, fjords and coves and which hue contrasts so well with luxuriant green vegetation.

Most cruises revolve around the wooden gulets that once served as the endemic fishing boat in the Bodrum waters. Its modern version - though still looking romantic - is newly designed and furnished with all imaginable luxuries. These fully crewed charters serve the same function as the superyachts, the gulets are definitely slower, due to smaller engines but have the advantage of true elegance. Several synonyms are used along the Turquoise coast for a gulet: Motorsailer, Goulette, Caique and Gullet are all the same, but might vary in comfort, size and finish.

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