Crewed yacht charters

Every yacht can be rented as a crewed charter: either as skippered charter with just a captain or instructor, or fully crewed with additional chef cook, hostesses and deckhands. Mega yachts: crewed yacht charters in Turkey and Greece
In fact, luxurious motor yachts, sailing yachts above 56 feet, gulet motor sailers and mega yachts are always crewed. These sort of cruises are much more interesting than cruise ship holidays since:

  1. Only you will decide where and when to go.
  2. You will be able to enter enchanting little fishing ports and turquoise bays.
  3. Total privacy, plus your own private captain and cook.

General crewed charter tips

  • You should book nearly a year ahead, especially for sailing holidays in August. Last-minutes are usually difficult.
  • Private charters offer more freedom and privacy than cabin charters. With a cabin charter you will share the yacht or gulet with other couples and cruise a fixed itinerary that suits all.
  • Distances: In one week you could sail Kos to Rhodes, Athens to Paros or Bodrum to Marmaris.
    In two weeks you can sail Athens to Kos or Samos to Rhodes. Therefore, distances like Turkey to Athens or Crete to Athens are not practical.
    However, most charters are round trips, though one-ways can be arranged.

Luxury crewed charters (on gulets)

Cruises on the magnificent sailing yachts and gulets of Turkey and Greece are often full package holidays with full board, which means including the sumptuous dinners prepared by your own chef cook.

Blue cruises on gulets along the Turquoise coasts of Turkey. Your personal chef cook will provide you with authentic dishes. Luxury gulets will daily anchor at stunningly beautiful bays.
  • Most gulets serve the Dodecanese and Carian coast of Turkey. But also the Lycian coast, the Ionian coast and the Cyclades can offer gulet cruises.
  • You should only rent with trustworthy charter companies, which are mostly located in Bodrum, Kos, Samos, Fethiye, Marmaris or Athens.
  • Life on board is extremely comfortable: your commodious personal stateroom will have an ensuite bathroom and is fully air-conditioned.
  • These superb mega yachts and gulets are fully crewed and your captain, hostesses and chef cooks will tend to your every need with alacrity.
  • This crew will usually also sail the yacht for you. For real hands-on experience and possible sailing instruction see below.
  • But, there are plenty of other activities onboard: canoes, snorkel gear, wind surfer and so forth. However, often jet skis, water skiing & scuba gear will be rented locally along the route
  • Full charter is the only option for most luxury gulets; cabin charters will be harder to find.

Gulets are also known as goulettes, gullets or motorsailers and are the traditional wooden vessels from Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye along the Turquoise coasts.

Smaller crewed charters

These sailing or motor yachts can also be rented without a skipper and are typically 30 – 56 feet in length. Above 50 feet most sailing yachts have a small crew cabin and crew entrance near the bow for extra privacy.

  • Only rent older charter yachts with reputable companies only
  • A skipper will be about 1350 Euros per week and will also serve as a guide. A hostess costs slightly less, an instructor slightly more. Your are often responsible for the crews' meals as well.
  • The skipper will not clean or do groceries, but a hostess will. For quality dinners you can rent a chef cook.Aphaia temple on Aegina: Cruises on crewed yachts and gulets in Classical Greece and Turkey.
  • Tip your crew 150 – 300 Euros per week each.
  • There are less catamarans in Greece and Turkey than monohulls. Be sure to keep your options open and include both vessel types in your search for your perfect cruise.
  • Ask for two bathrooms minimum, otherwise you will have to share one with the skipper.
  • If on a tight budget, you should not rent the oldest and cheapest yacht, but rent one that is properly maintained, not literally “incredibly” cheap. Instead, rent a smaller yacht For instance, a 34 instead of a 37 foot yacht. More budget tips.
  • Your luggage should preferable not be packed in suitcases. Soft backpacks are much handier to store below decks.
  • The minimum charter period is 7 days. Charter periods are 1, 2 or 3 weeks, but also 10 days is possible if booked well in advance (8 months or longer).
  • Typically the week starts and ends on Saturday, rarely on Monday or Sunday.