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Marine Courses

Forecast showers
Guide to distinct between rain bearing cumulonimbus & fair weather cumulus clouds.
Raindrops are spherical
and aren't teardrop shaped.
Windchill Factor
Safety: forecasting wind chill factors to prevent hypothermia on board.
Prevent seasickness
Causes and prevention of seasickness.
Beaufort wind
Beaufort wind force scale.
Flag etiquette
Proper hoisting of courtesy & Q flag, burgees and national ensigns.

Navigation Introduction
Introduction to the free marine navigation course.

Sailing Schools
Tuition in the UK and Ireland - cleared page

Math - Running Fixes
Math: running fixes - isosceles triangles - doubling angle on the bow four point fix.
Math - Distance of horizon
Math: distance horizon - distance of horizon - mathematics behind horizon.
Math - Vertical sextant angles
Math: vertical sextant angles - mathematics and sextant angles.
Compass Deviation table
The deviation cart, which is used in the navigation course.
Lunation - phases of the moon
Large animated gif: Phases of our moon.

Anchors - Anchoring - Mediterranean mooring techniques
Almost finished guide on Anchoring, safety and stern-to mooring.



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Sailing Croatia

Sailing holidays Croatia
Yacht charters guide and sailing holidays in Croatia - Dalmatian coast - Adriatic Sea.
Reliable yacht charter companies
Find trustworthy fleet owners for yacht charters holidays in the Adriatic and Croatian coasts.
Gulets Croatia
Blue cruises on gulets - fully crewed charters in Croatia, Split and Dubrovnik.
Sailing tips Croatia - Trogir

Holidays Turkey

Sailing holidays Turkey
Yacht charters and sailing holidays in Turkey and the Turkish coastlines.
Gulets: Motor sailers in Turkey
Crewed yacht charters and Gulets (motor sailers) Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Izmir, Kas and Kusadasi.
Turkish phrases: Practical words and phrases along with pronunciation.
Blue cruises Bodrum Marmaris Gulets and Blue cruises in Turkey. Turkish chart terms

Books and literature on Greece.
Marine weather forecasts.
Greek Climate
Climate data: Wind speeds, Wind directions, (water) Temps, Sun hours.
Wind roses - Ionian & Aegean
Unique historical data on wind directions and Beaufort wind forces.
Wind roses - Croatia & Adriatic
Climatic data on prevailing winds.
Wind roses - Turkey & Cyprus
Windroses for the southern coasts of Turkey.
Greek Culture
Architecture and classical orders.
Diolkos and the Corinth Canal
A historic description of the ancient Diolkos Slipway and the Corinth Canal.
Photos of Greece
Sublime Pictures of the Greek Islands.
Desktop wallpapers
Desktop wallpapers of Greece.
Sailing maps of Greece
Maps of Greece and the Cyclades.
Maps of Greece
Interactive road and political maps of Greece.
Tower of the winds
The Horologion of Andronikos.
Acropolis of Athens
The origin of the Athens Acropolis.
Sanctuary of Olympia
Origin of the olympic games in the Ionian.

Holidays Greece

Yacht Charters Guide
8 steps towards a perfect sailing holiday.
Charter companies
Unbiased advice on charter companies, sailing areas etc.
Sailing holidays in Greece
Information about sailing and cruising the Greek Islands.
Sailing Greece
Toponyms, Greek chart terms, Peloponnese passages, Ionian or Ionic, Yacht charter bases.
Dolphins and Whales of Greece
A identification guide to the Greek cetaceans.
Gulets cruises Turkey & Greece
Blue cruises and Gulet charters in Greece and Turkey.
Gulet companies
Reliable gullet companies in the Aegean and Carian (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye).
Flotilla holidays Greece
Flotilla sailing in the Greek islands.
Crewed yacht charters
Skippered or fully crewed charter yachts.
Meltemi winds
Meteorology: Etesian winds explained.
Seawater temperatures
Surface temperatures for swimming at beaches and anchorages.
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Formalities & Customs
Entering, sailing and chartering your own yacht in Greece.
Greek Waters Pilot
Distances between Greek ports

Bareboat requirements
Licenses needed to charter a bareboat yacht.

The sailing areas
The charter areas in Greece - choose between the Ionian, Dodecanese, Cyclades and Argosaronic Gulf.
Top 10 Greek islands

Yacht charters in the south Aegean Sea.

Sailing in the Northern Aegean.

Sailing guide to the Cyclades and the Aegean.
Full list of Cyclades islands and their Greek, Ancient Greek, Medieval and Latin names.

  • Kea
    Cruising holiday in Kea Island.
  • Andros and Tinos
    Yachting guide to Andros and Tinos islands.
  • Kythnos
    Sail Kythnos Island.
  • Syros
    Yachting guide to Syros Island.
  • Serifos
    Sailing holiday in Serifos Island.
  • Sifnos
    Charter guide to Sifnos Island.
  • Mykonos and Delos
    Sailing guide to Mykonos and Dilos Islands.
  • Paros and Antiparos
    Yachting guide to Paros and Antiparos Islands.
  • Naxos
    Yachting guide to Naxos Island and the Little Cyclades - Karos, Iraklia, Skhinousa, Katokoufonisia.
  • Amorgos
    Sailing holiday in Amorgos Island - Katapola.
  • Milos and Kimolos
    Charter guide to Milos and Kimolos Islands.
  • Folegandros and Sikinos
    Yachting guide to Folegandros and Sikinos Islands - Karavostasi.
  • Ios
    Sailing guide to Ios Island.
  • Santorini
    Sailing guide to Santorini Island and Thira, Thirasia - the volcano.

Northern Sporades
Sailing guide to the Northern Sporades.

Ionian Sea
Sailing guide to the Ionian Islands and Preveza.

  • Corfu
    Sailing holiday in Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos.
  • Lefkas
    Sailing guide to Lefkas and Meganisi Island.
  • Kefalonia and Ithaca
    Sailing guide to Kefallinia and Ithaca Island.
  • Zakynthos
    Yachting guide to Zante Zakynthos Island.

Saronic and Argolida
Yachting guide to the Peloponnese, Argosaronic gulf and Athens.

Dodecanese Sea
Cruising holidays in the Dodecanese and Sporades.
Full list of Dodecanese islands and their Greek, Ancient Greek, Medieval, Turkish and Latin names.



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  • Vacances en Grèce
    Naviguer (et cartes nautiques de) Ioniennes, Cyclades, Athènes, Dodecanese et Sporades du Nord.
  • Location voiliers
    Loueurs et yacht charters fiables en Grece et Turquie.

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Yacht charters guide
Sailing Turkey
Gulet cruises
Gulet charters Turkey Greece
Crewed yacht charters
Flotillas Greece
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Sailing Greece Guide
Sailing Greece logbook 1
Syros island
Santorini island
Crete island
  Cyclades islands
Ios island
Kea island
Andros island & Tinos island
Kythnos island
Charter yachts
Prevent seasickness
Yacht charter provisioning
Logbook Northern Sporades
Logbook Northern Sporades page 3
Greek Waters Pilot
Oneway routes in Greece - Aegean
Routes in the Dodecanese, itineraries
Budget yacht charters & last minutes
Saronic itineraries
Spetses island
chios island
Mykonos island & Delos island
Sifnos island
Serifos island
Paros island
Naxos island
Amorgos island
Milos island
Sailing Greece logbook 2
Sailing Greece logbook 3
  Peloponese - Athens
Peloponese - Argolic Gulf
Hydra island
Aegina island
Athens & Saronic Gulf
Folegandros island


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