Yacht charter provisioning

In an ideal situation, some essentials should already be on board your charter yacht and the top charter companies will provide the following provisions for you. But note that in Greece, Croatia and Turkey, you will have to request or bring along most of these.

Essentials to have onboard

  • Insect repellent, only in high season (DEET or Picaridin)
  • Ample drinking water (bottled) – against a first day heatstroke
  • Sun block
  • Rubbish bags – Tea cloths – Swab
  • Soap – All-purpose cleaner – Washing-up liquid
  • Toilet paper – Lavatory freshener
  • Matches
  • Coffee filters – Tea bags
  • Sugar – Salt – Spices
  • Olive oil – Corn oil – Vinegar
  • Ice – Ice – Ice
  • Perhaps a complementary bowl of fruit, bottle of Greek wine or some flowers. Yet, I would trade these immediatly for any of the essentials above.
Sailing holidays and yacht charter provisioning Athens, Ios island, Greece.
Greek mezedes in an Ouzeri on Ios island.
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Yacht charter provisioning list

A reliable charter company can deliver all groceries to your yacht, but order the fresh necessities for just the first two days. In Athens you can also arrange this yourself, e-mail me for up-to-date details.

Olives • Sailing • Gastronomy (pix)

It is a joy to do your own provisioning in the next – far more romantic – little port, and it is often quite affordable to eat out in a taverna or estiatoria (restaurant) the first evening; peruse for instance destinations from Alimos Athens.

During your sailing trip it is prudent to have full supplies on board for at least a couple of days not only for safety but smaller ports might not hold a wide variety of provisions.
Furthermore, you might change your plans and drop anchor in a secluded bay.

Canned / dried

Tomatoes (paste, purée)
Chilli beans
Black and green olives
Rice, pasta
Dried lentils, beans and chickpeas
Nuts, almonds and pistachios
Stock cubes (soups/sauses)
Biscuits - Papadopoulos


A lot of bottles of water
Milk (UHT)
Coffee & Tea
Beer: Fix or Mythos
Ouzo (see below)


Paprika / Peppers
Giant beans - Gigantes
Parsley, dill, oregano, thyme
Dolmas (stuffed wine leaves)
Greek yoghurt
Feta, Graviera Kefalotiri
Apples, grapes, oranges, melons
Fresh fish
Milk, Butter
Spinach pies (Spanakopita)
Cheese pies (Tyropita)

Fresh – lasting longer

White cabbages

Persephone and Pomegranate

Carried off by Hades, Persephone was made queen of the underworld.
Demeter refused to let the earth produce its fruits until her daughter was restored to her, but because Persephone had eaten some pomegranate seeds in the other world, she was obliged to spend part of every year there.
Her story symbolizes the return of spring and the life and growth of corn, read on…

Whisky, port and wine

These should preferably be bought in Athens or Kos, Paros, Lefkas, Corfu, Bodrum, more choice and more quality. Note that Greek wines are generally too sweet.
More palatable wines:

  • Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Amyndeon Florina 2014
  • Argyros, Atlantis, Santorini 2017
  • Oenops, Xinomavraw, Naoussa, Macedonia 2016
  • Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko 2014
  • Ktima Gerovassiliou Chardonnay 2014
  • Domaine Glinavos Primus Zitsa 2013
  • Semeli Mantinia Nassiakos 2013
  • Artemis Karamolegos, Mystirio Assyrtiko, Santorini 2017  

Cruising costs

Every week you will need to take in diesel fuel for about €140 – 250. The diesel can be delivered by truck right to the quay.

The water tanks usually need filling up every other day, which costs about €2 – 15 each time depending on the island and season. A 25+ m long hose is an essential item in the catamaran / yacht's inventory.

A sagacious way to explore the inlands is to rent motorbikes or scooters (the Greeks call them papákia, παπάκια “ducklings”, supposedly for the noise they make), both more economical and practical than cars.


Every other day you need a few bags of ice cubes to keep all the provisions fresh in the fridge(s) while saving the batteries / generator: €0 – 6 per bag.

Fruit markets
Cool sailing
Fresh fish

In the more popular ports it will be delivered at the quay. Otherwise, the local fishermen will know were to get ice.
You can also try restaurants, fishmongers, fuel stations and mini-markets. Note that ice cubes with holes are inferior to the solid ice cubes, plus that not all ice is made from potable water, better ask before use in beverages.  

Ouzo as gift

I have found that a small bottle of Ouzo is the ideal token of gratitude for fishermen and other Greeks in the ports who helped you out.  
These lovely people won't accept anything but your smile, with the serendipitous exception of these delectable Ouzo - Ούζο brands:

  • Plomari - Πλωμάρι from Lesvos island; the only brand to use corks
  • Tetteris - Τέττερης from Chios island; with seafood and general mezedes
  • Sans Rival; fresh flavour, ideal with seafood
  • Ouzo 12; smoothest flavour, for beginners
  • BARBAYANNI - ΒΑΡΒΑΓΙΑΝΝΗ from Lesvos again; an acquired taste  

And don't forget to savour these varieties in an Ouzeri - Ουζερί: a taverna which serves ouzo together with mezedes.