Alimos marina

The Alimos Marina - Άλιμος in the affluent Athens' suburb of Kalamaki - Καλαμάκι is the starting point for most Athens yacht charters in the Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and the Cyclades.

The majority of the reputable yacht charter companies have their main base at or near this marina.

From the Athens International Airport a direct bus line (X96 – direction: Piraeus commercial and ferry port) conveniently stops at the Alimos Marina (bus stop: 1st Kalamakiou). This bus line also serves the other important marinas of Zea, Faliro as well as the Olympic and Glyfada marinas.
When cruising a private yacht these other Athenean marinas are more hospitable than the unadorned Alimos marina . Especially the bustling Zea marina   is most practical and very appealing due to the adjacent Piraeus town.
See all marinas in Greece (PDF).

The Alimos Marina is now fully privatized, and over the coming years ( → 2015 ) the marina, its waterfront as well as the surrounding areas will be under development to create green spaces, offices and various amenities; no doubt prices will go up and up.

Looking down along the Attica peninsula with Alimos marina, in the south of Athens, in the foreground.
Sailing holidays Athens and Saronic Gulf out of Alimos marina
Map of Alimos marina Athens.

From the marina there is a convenient tram connection (ticket machines on the platform) to Syntagma Square, central Athens. The best restaurants in Alimos are “O Paris”, located at Thoukididou 38, and “Emagie”. Moreover, “Dia Noche” – within the marina – is useful for drinks / light meals while you wait for your yacht…


Keep well clear of the Attic coast to avoid Kosmas reef (west cardinal buoy), the reef NW of Glyfada 4 marina (all four cardinal buoys are placed), and the Mermigkia rocks (lighted beacon).  
The Saronic Gulf Traffic Separation Scheme should be crossed at right angles and as fast as possible, and if under sail with engine standby or in neutral.


The Ancient Greek singular noun, “kudos” κῦδος meaning “praise” or “reknown”, is nowadays used as a plural noun… →

First destinations

Saturday is turnover-day for most yacht charters, usually between 14:00 and 17:00, but sometimes a priority check-in is possible at an additional fee: you will then receive your yacht / catamaran before 12:00. Find the best yacht charter companies in Athens.

There are a dozen top locations within reach from Alimos – Athens that are ideal for arriving late on the Saturday evening.
  Cyclades :

  • Poleis bay on Kea island offers splendid solitude; anchorage – 42 NM
  • Kythnos, Mericha port or the Sandbar Bay anchorage a few miles north – 46 NM
  • Sounion bay and Poseidon Temple at the southern tip of Attica; anchorage – 24 NM

  Saronic Gulf :

  • Palaia Epidavros; visit the amphitheatre (taxi) – 30 NM
  • Nea Epidavros; delightful and off the beaten track – 29 NM
  • Megalochori on Agistri island; lovely and verdant – 21 NM
  • Vathi on the Methana peninsula; charming and peaceful – 30 NM
  • Perdika, the best port, therefore crowded in the summer months, on Aegina – 21 NM

  Argolic Gulf :

Sailing the extra mileage on the first days of such sailing holidays will allow you to be ahead of the wave of charter yachts flowing out of Athens   Leave the Saronic Gulf for later and steer for the Argolic Gulf, thus shaking off the fleets of fellow sailors In Methana and Poros, for instance, there are usually plenty of vacant berths on a Saturday, even arriving at nightfall. See my “when to sail in Greece” page.

Trip planning · Distances

To find the distances between ports, go to OpenSeaMap and navigate to your sailing area.
Via “Tools” you can select “Trip planner”.
On the map, left-click on the starting port (after this, if you move the mouse a thin line appears), left-click again to add further waypoints if necessary, and double left-click on the finish port. The “trip planner window” shows your total distance and provides download options for waypoint coordinates.

Alimos marina – the south breakwater below – looking towards Athens.