Poros sailing holidays

Poros - Πόρος, the ancient Kalaureia, lies south-west of the Methana Peninsula, separated from the north coast of the Argolid (see the Argolic Gulf) by a strait between 250 m and 1000 m wide, 1.5 km long and up to 4 meters deep.

Most of the island is covered with thin woodland and macchia

The inhabitants, many of whom are of Albanian descent, live by farming the fertile coastal areas (citrus and olive looms) on the “mainland” of Poros island and, increasingly, by the tourist trade, aided by the multitude of docksides round the Poros town peninsula.

The approach from the north – guided by the iconic bellfry – is stunning.

The wonderful port of Poros, seen from the south-east.
Sailing holidays Poros island and Saronic Gulf
Map of Poros approach and anchorages.
British Admiralty Chart 1599, 1031

History of Poros

There was a settlement in Mycenaean times on the site later occupied by the Sanctuary of Poseidon. The ancient city was abandoned after the Roman period, and the modern town was established only in the late Middle Ages, the highest parts of the hill being developed first: the neighbourhood of the recognisable bell-tower.

5 km north-east of Poros town are scanty remains of the aforesaid Poseidon's Sanctuary (5th c. BCE), the centre of the Kalaurian amphictyony (religious league) of the maritime cities on the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs. It was here that Demosthenes, fleeing from the henchmen of the Macedonian Governor Antipatros, poisoned himself in 322 BCE. The numerous remains of buildings in the surrounding area suggest that this area was the site of ancient Kalaureia.

West of Galatas, via the huge lemon groves of Lemonodasos (Lemon Forest, are the meagre remains of ancient Troezen, the setting of the legend of Hyppolytos and Phaidra!

Port & anchorages

Poros town, seen from the north-west, with the “new” pontoon. To the right the shallow Poros strait.

Poros port

Sailing holidays Poros island and town

A mere decade ago the sewage simply flowed into the basin north of Poros – long overdue but finally the smells and health situation have greatly improved!
Therefore, many prefer the quays on the north of town, a very charming venue, including the “new” pontoon: the yacht's pier with the blue classic street laterns. Good holding; mostly sand with a few rocks; ferries can cause a problematic wash, so keep the yacht well away from the quay  ; northern gales result in waves over half a meter.
A good alternative is found along the narrow strait where there are also sections where you can to go stern-to or bows-to the boulevard.

In 2019 a helicopter accident – with 3 fatalities – damaged the 3 powerlines that span the south entrance of Poros, and there are mixed reports if the clearing height is restored to the former 46 m, but a minimum of 25 m is suggested.

The Poros strait is now marked with a series of red buoys, keep N and E of these.

Prevailing winds are northerlies turning more west-north-west into the strait of Poros.
A west or east current can flow in the strait.
Must-see is the “Monastery of the life-giving spring” (Zoodochos Pigi), 4 km east of Poros town, picture-perfect amidst lush pine forest and springs; visiting hours: 07:30 – 13:00 & 16:00 – Sunset. In the graveyard several heroes of the 1821 revolution.

Take the ferry to Galatas for Babis Taverna, or stay in Poros town and dine at Poseidon Taverna, near the north quays.

Yachting guide to Poros yacht charters.
East of Methana: the Petrokaravo rocks between Aegina and Poros islands, by Marcin Krusiec Lat Long Hi-res image

Anchorages Poros

Along the east coast there are a few bays suitable in calm conditions, notably Skarpiza and Pisses, lonely and wooded.


The bay of Barbaria - Μπαρμπαριά, on the north side of Poros, has a pleasant beach and Italianate cypress trees; taverna / bar in the summer months; 50 minutes walk to the Sanctuary and Temple of Poseidon; good holding; sand / weeds; open to the north, excellent in easterly or westerly winds Lat Long


Barbarians, from singl. βάρβάρος — a word that today refers to uncivilized / evil people and their evil deeds — originated in ancient Greece, and it initially only referred to people who were from out of town or did not speak Greek… →

A yacht at anchor in Barbaria bay, looking north, with Bistiou cove around the low cape before Bisti islet.
Aegina island on the horizon.

Bistiou cove

The idyllic tight cove of Bistiou - Μπιστιου, hidden on the north coast of Poros, provides almost allround shelter and is a happy place  . Good holding; the entrance is difficult to spot: use the Mpisti / Bisti isle to guide you in; beautiful translucent water surrounded by pine trees; open only to a narrowly NE Lat Long


The attractive bay of Gerolimani or Yerolimani offers allround protection in the clearest waters; anchor in 5-8 m in the NE inlet; you can take a line ashore Lat Long

Russian bay

The former Russian base at Daskalia bay or Russian bay behind the Daskalio islet with a conspicuous white “Dormition of the Mother of God  ” Church; precarious reef   ; Anchor near the east beach or the northern bight; good holding if the weedy patches are avoided; take a line to the rocks; marvellous spot early or late in season Lat Long

“Love Bay” • Neorio

The tree-lined bays of Neorio cove alias “Love Bay”   Lat Long with its terra-cotta Church plus superb beach with overhanging trees, as well as the wider Megalo Neorio Lat Long are wonderful outside the main season: too clamorous in July & August (villas, good taverna “Estiatorio Vasilis” and water sports centre ashore); permanent moorings; good shelter.

Elies / Vidi

The two shallow Eliés coves are located on the Peloponnese coast (opposite Poros) in the north of Vidi bay; reasonable shelter except for S – E; cerulean waters in verdant surroundings; good holding in mud / weed Lat Long