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Mediterranean mooring


  1. Any wash of ferries, changes of wind direction, any swell entering the bay, gusts, etc. will be cushioned by the catenary curve of the anchor chain which will keep the yacht clear of the quay: berthing along side won't protect the yacht.
  2. In the Mediterranean - especially in Greece - berthing along side is often hampered by blocks of ballasting near the quay.
  3. No neighbouring crews walking on your deck greatly adds to your privacy, especially so if bows-to.
  4. Some islands in the Mediterranean are home to rats, cockroaches, etc. Mediterranean mooring (with the gangway raised from the quay!) helps to prevent vermin getting on board.
  5. It is much easier to leave a (crowded) port. No skipper likes to be the innermost yacht - four yachts thick - in an along side mooring situation.
As the bow anchor typically offers more holding power and a longer (heavier) anchor chain it is very useful to become an expert in the stern-to variant of berthing Mediterranean-style.

Mediterranean mooring manoeuvre

So, during this whole Mediterranean mooring manoeuvre, not so much the helmsman but the foredeck is in control. Although it is a first a bit scary to steer backwards into a tight slot between two expensive yachts, speed keeps the yacht manoeuvrable.

Tip: Plan to arrive early (typically before 15:00) at the port of destination so that there is ample space to manoeuvre and lots of berths at the quay to choose from.

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