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Anchoring tips

Anchor problems

Your flukes caught another anchor chain
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Usually you can lift the other anchor chain up with your anchor, so even in murky water the problem is then clear. Hoisting up the other chain (could also be from a larger vessel or a much heavier dedundant chain from sunken buoy) does put a lot of stress on the yacht. Moreover, it could break out the other anchor!
Make a line round the other chain, ease your anchor a few metres and turn the flukes away from the chain. Next get your anchor on deck and drop the other chain.
A very handy gadget is a hook you can release under pressure. Also means that you don't have to hoist the other chain to sealevel in clear water.

Your anchor jammed under rock or cable
Anchor fouled under rock


Anchoring tips

Gieren tegengaan.
Hekanker, ankeren in span, voorkomt ook dat het anker onklaar wordt omdat je niet over je eigen anker kan drijven.
anker ingraven on beach or behind rock.
when moored near ferry quay use second anchor a weight to lower angle of chain, this pulls the yacht away from the quay.

Note that anchor etiquette gives priority to the first boats in the anchorage. If you arrived after another boat, and there's interference between the boats or their anchors, it's incumbent upon you to move or otherwise correct the situation.

Important guidelines

Especially with the Mediterranean (Croatia, Turkey and Greece) in mind, all experts agree on the following recommendations:
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