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Using the second anchor

Taking a line ashore | second anchor

The stern anchor or a line to a rock / beach allows you to point the yacht into the swell, instead of upwind.

First the main anchor is dropped using the engine and anchor winch.
Secondly drop the stern anchor, ideally with the dinghy. If there is a beach or rocks, place the secondary anchor there.

Anchor charter yachts
Typically when sailing in an archipelago like in Greece, during the anchoring manoeuver the day wind will blow into the anchorage from the open sea, while the night wind will blow from the opposite direction (from the beach towards the sea).
Using the dinghy place the anchor towards the beach or on the beach.

Anchor charter yachts

Anchoring charter yachts
As shown the in image above, using the second anchor to point the nose towards the swell will result in more comfortable moving yacht, see ship movements (heave, sway, surge and pitch, yaw, roll)
Anchoring charter yachts

Anchors charter yachts


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