From Lefkas sailing holidays

The magnificent Sanctuary of Olympia is located on the east coast of the Peloponnese and is visited ideally via the secluded port of Katakolon, opposite to the south-east tip of Zakynthos.

This is however quite a distance from the nearest yacht charter base, Lefkada city, and a two week Ionian sailing itinerary out of Lefkas island is required. From Katakolon taxis are eager to drive us yachtspersons to the actual archaeological site further inland but renting a motorbike / scooter offers more freedom.

The palaestra (palestra) with the adjacent gymnasium. This 66 m² edifice was erected near end of the 3rd or beginning of the 2nd c. BCE for the training of wrestlers and other athletes.
The Kronios baths or “North baths” were constructed in the middle of the 5th century BCE.
The Ionic ruins of the Philippeion (in honour of Philip II of Macedon) after recent reconstruction.

Alfeios river – the longest river in the Peloponnese – begins in central Arkadia and flows via Olympia in the Ionian Sea. The river Kladeos (named after the water-god Κλάδεος) flows from the north, through Olympia and empties into the Alfeios River. The river Kladeos has flooded the site and town of Olympia many times in history.

The site is home to a wide variety of buildings ranging from treasuries at the base of the Kronos mountain and temples of Hera and Zeus, a hippodrome and even a later stadium → the origin of the olympic games.

Especially ancient temples and archaeological sites such as Olympia make sailing in Greece so grand and spectacular. Reputable yacht charters from Kos, Athens and Lefkas give the best access to such historical sites.
A further possibility is an advanced 3-week itinerary: yacht charters out of Lefkas towards Athens and sail along the whole of the southern Peloponnese.

Sailing Greece – Sanctuary Olympia
Site plan of the Sanctuary of Olympia. Hi-res image
  1. NE Propylon
  2. Prytaneion
  3. Philippeion
  4. Heraion
  5. Pelopion
  6. Nympheum of Herodes Atticus
  7. Metroon
  8. Zanes
  9. Crypt (arched way to the stadium)
  10. Stadium
  11. Echo stoa
  12. Building of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe
  13. Hestia stoa
  14. Hellenistic building
  15. Temple of Zeus
  16. Altar of Zeus
  17. Ex-voto of Achaeans
  18. Ex-voto of Mikythos
  19. Nike of Paionios
  20. Gymnasion
  21. Palaestra
  22. Theokoleon
  23. Heroon
  24. Phidias' workshop & paleochristian basilica
  1. Baths of Kladeos
  2. Greek baths
  3. Hostel
  4. Hostel
  5. Leonidaion
  6. South baths
  7. Bouleuterion
  8. South stoa
  9. Villa of Nero
  1. Sicyon
  2. Syracuse
  3. Epidamnus?
  4. Byzantium?
  5. Sybaris?
  6. Cyrene?
  7. Unindentified
  8. Altar?
  9. Selinunte
  10. Metapontum
  11. Megara
  12. Gela