Nafplion, looking west, just before the rain

Nafplion port, sailing the Argolic Gulf, Greece

The fortified and ancient port of Nafplion is located near the head of the Argolic gulf and is easily visited from Athens during 10 or 14 day itineraries in the Argolic and Saronic. Most yacht charter holidays in Greece take place near Athens - the Ionian waters are a good second - and Nafplion is truly a must-see port. The Bourtzi Islet that guards the entrance of the harbour was once a famous Venetian fort, while the Navplion town itself is guarded by the Palamidi fortress which clings to the rocks above it. Nauplios, son to god Poseidon, was said to have founded this historical city.
Nafplion is also referred to as Nafplio, Navplion, Navplio, Nauplion or Nauplio...

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