Sifnos sailing holidays

The island of Sifnos - Σίφνος lies approximately in the middle of the triangle formed by Milos, Serifos and Paros.

The north and north-west of the island are occupied by barren ranges of hills, the east and south by gentler uplands.

The coast is much indented and lined by cliffs for much of its length.

Agriculture (particular onion-growing) on the island's fertile soil, the manufacture of pottery of traditional type and weaving bring the inhabitants a modest degree of prosperity.

The Chrisopigi Monastery - Παναγία Χρυσοπηγή is just south of the exceptionally blue waters of Faros anchorage.

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Sailing map of Sifnos, Cyclades - Yacht charters in Greece
Sifnos island sailing map; ports and anchorages

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Our yacht alongside the ferry quay, in Kamares, just after sunset: docking is allowed there after the last ferry has left port.

The principal port on Sifnos is Kamares, which is well sheltered, and where you can rent bikes or scooters to reach Apollonia, the island's capital.

From there roads leads to the must-see places along the coasts and indeed these also proof beautiful anchorages and should really if possible visited by boat.

The medieval village of Kastro - with remnants of its ancient walls - but also the bays of Faros, Vathi and Platis Gialos are absolutely worth exploring: translucent turquoise water, combined with good tavernas.

However, the best restaurants (notably To Liotrivi - Το Λιοτρίβι) can be found in Apollonia.


Already well populated in the period of the Cycladic culture (3rd and 2nd millennia BCE), the island grew so wealthy in classical times from the produce of its silver mines that the Siphnians built a treasury in the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi.

When the flooding of the mines made it impossible to work the silver the island declined into insignificance. Entrances to the silver works can be seen near the sea at Ayios Sostis and Ayios Minas.

Archaeological sites

Mycenaean Acropolis at Agios Andreas – mid westcoast on the road to Vathi – 12th century BCE, with ruins of five buildings in the walls. The archaeological site features a compelling museum with some of the locally excavated gems.
Furthermore, the fortress of Sifnos located just east of Apollonia near Kastro (castle).

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More photos and information can be found in this logbook of our trip from Athens to Milos via Sifnos.


The Athens' Alimos Marina, and the islands of Paros and Mykonos are the most convenient yacht charter bases to start your sailing holiday and visit Kea and the other northern Cycladic islands.

Ports and anchorages

The large rectangular bay of Kamares is open to the west but sheltered by the ferry quay. Local fishingboats will unfortunately have blocked most of the berths. The 3 or 4 berths closest to the mole are ideal with respect to the possible N and NNE gusts.

For spectacular views you can walk the very steep path all the way up to Agios Symeon Church. In the evening of the 31st August there are festivities here – Sifnos is renowned for religious festivals.

Faros bay - Φάρος: shifted/uncharted reefs reported north of Chrisopigi islet  . Exquisite anchorages, turquoise waters and on 13 September there are festivities at the Ayios Stavros Church and on Ascension Day (usually around end of May) at the Chrisopigi Monastery where you can anchor just north of its peninsula (in S and SW winds), near the beach of Apokofto.

The port of Kamares on the west coast of Sifnos offers only a few useful berths – furthermore, local fisherboats might be blocking these – but you can safely leave the yacht unattended here and explore (on scooters) Kastro, Apollonia, Faros and the other villages.

Kastro bay - Κάστρο is a must-see cerulean anchorage with archaeological sites, but only suitable in calm weather. In other conditions visit from Kamares or Platis Gialos.

Vathi bay - Βαθύis a lovely alternative to Kamares in moderate/calm weather. Go stern-to to the short mole, very shallow, so use the dinghy to disembark and keep de keel in more than 3 m of water; potentially strong NE gusts.

Fikiada bay - Φυκιάδα: narrow desolated inlet with good holding, take a line ashore near the Ay Georgios Church, where there is room for 1 – 2 yachts at the minute mole.

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