Sailing Greece & Ionian: Kastos island

Sailing Greece

A flotilla is best done in the Saronic or (south) Ionian waters of Greece, here you will find the ideal circumstances to take your first step towards a real bareboat yacht charter holiday in the future. These waters offer light winds, especially outside the Meltemi season (mainly August plus a week or two around August), few waves so seasickness won't be affecting the flotillas. Moreover, the distances between the subsequent ports and anchorages in the Ionian itineraries as well as the Argolic-Saronic Itineraries are short, enabling you to exercises with the necessary manoeuvres (gybing, anchoring, entering ports, navigation, etc) more often than for instance in the Cyclades. Shorter distances is usually also more agreeable for the children - long passages where the target island simply doesn't seem to come nearer - can be a drag for them.

After two - sometimes even one - successful flotilla sailing holidays in Greece, one should be ready to bareboat yacht charters in the Argolic, Ionian and Dodecanese. Note that the southern Cyclades are far more advanced. Consensus is that at least one month of bareboat sailing is required to go for bareboat yacht charter holidays in the south Aegean waters.

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