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Santorini motorsailer cruises

Motorsailer cruises in the Aegean, Cyclades of Greece should naturally include Santorini and Thira island, despite its distance from the Piraeus port of Athens. And indeed yacht charters on these motorsailers can be arranged from nearby Cycladic islands as well - notably: Mykonos, Paros and Syros, which avoids the long voyages from the Saronic to the south Cyclades, which especially in the main season of August could be uncomfortable due to the occasional Meltemi winds.

The motorsailer cruises in Greece have their inspiration in the blue cruises or blue voyages on gulets or gullets found along the southwest coast of Asia Minor, particularly the Datça peninsula of this Turkish region. Although the Carian and Lycian coasts of Turkey are perhaps more tranquil and idyllic than the waters of Santorini and the neighbouring islands of Milos, Naxos, Amorgos, Sifnos etc, the southern Cyclades are romantic in a different way. Cruising here means being confronted with sublime natural features of volcanoes such as Milos and Santorini, and the 800 metres vertical cliffs of Amorgos, all rugged features that inspires awe in the fortunate traveller of these Aegean waters.

Luxurious cruises

Since recently the upperclass and highly luxurious motorsailer cruises that frequent the Skala port of Thira - Thera, have developed into the perfect honeymoon facility allowing not only a very romantic trip but also a wedding on one of the various islands that are included in 7, 10 or 14 day itineraries for the cruises.

The number of ensuite cabins on such yacht charters varies greatly, from 4 to 12, so bringing family is customary and the engaged couple still enjoys the same privacy as in a luxury 5 star hotel, in fact it is a floating hotel with the best swimming pool that Thera has to offer.

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