Santorini yachting and sailing.

Santorini yachting and sailing

The ultimate yachting and sailing venue in the Mediterranean is the Cyclades, which features hundreds of islands to explore. The southern islands - furthest distance from Athens and the Saronic Gulf - are even more appealing to the real yachtsman with a yachting and sailing holiday in mind and focussing on culture, nature and dolphins & whales.

Southern yacht charter bases

The most off the beaten path islands offer no bases for yacht charters of course, so yachting & sailing from these islands such as Sifnos, Folegandros, Amorgos, Astypalea (Astipalea - Astypalaia) and Naxos.
The only downside perhaps is that not every sailor is experienced enough to go bareboat sailing in these more advanced waters of the south Aegean - and for the very same reason flotilla sailing is not an option here. Yet, a wide range of skippered yachting vacations and fully crewed sailing holidays are available on various different yachts and boats: The typical distances between the islands ports and anchorages allow for 2-5 hours of sailing each day, ample time to explore the interesting inlands after docking - many yachting and sailing holidays here are bareboats on smaller yachts, where 3-6 hours is more likely. The prevalent winds are the summer northerlies, which also permit a fine array of downwind oneway (one-way) itineraries into the Cyclades from Athens or Lavrion finishing in either Paros or Syros, and in case of yachting and sailing holidays for longer than one week the one-way from Lavrion to Paros can be sailed via Amorgos and Santorini! Usually a oneway fee is added to cover the extra costs involved when sailing directly to Milos or Santorini island instead.
Other oneways to consider - yet leading away from Santorini - are the yachting and sailing itineraries from Athens or Paros into the Dodecanese, ending in Samos, Kos or Rhodes. See the Greek Waters Pilot or my own yacht charters guide for more routes and island info.

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