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Sailing holidays Northern Sporades

The Sporades, often called the Northern Sporades, are the island group in the North Aegean, quite a distance away from the usual and more known yacht charter venues near Athens, Lefkas, Kos, Paros and Rhodes. Nearly all sailing holidays in the Sporades start and end in Skiathos (Skiathos port & marina), which is the most easterly island of the group. Other options are to start from Volos or even Thessalonica and to sail from there to the Sporades. But from Thessaloniki it makes more sense to include in your sailing holiday Mount Athos and Chalkidiki - the three finger like promontories connected to the mainland. From Skiathos on a 14 day holiday you can also - and should really - include Chalkidiki in your itinerary. This means leaving Skyros out and perhaps also include Lemnos/Limnos. Another good reason to go north is the prevailing northern wind, which means sailing downwind on the return and no stress about reaching the yacht charter port of Skiathos back in time.

Note, that the Eastern Sporades are a group of island just north of the Dodecanese.

The photo shows the open stretch of water northwest of Skopelos and Skiathos islands. Indeed the beautiful Northern Sporades are somewhat remote, making them unique and separate much like the culture of the Ionian islands differs from the Cycladic culture and architecture.

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