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Cyclades motorsailer honeymoons

The ideal way to enjoy honeymoon in the Cyclades is onboard luxurious motorsailers. These beautiful wooden vessels can be rented either as cabin charter or as full/private charter and the latter is of course recommended; much more romantic. The motorsailers in the Aegean Sea and Ionian islands are often the wooden traditional working ships of the region, now newly built with a different purpose in mind: passenger transport in all luxury and comfort.

The Aegean Sea, and especially the Cycladic islands of the Cyclades are perfectly suited for romantic honeymoons. Literally thousands of rocks, islets, islands and subsequent ports, bays and anchorages will need to be explored and discovered.

Another great advantage is that this concept of Cyclades motorsailer honeymoons will take you right to the lovely little ports and beaches, and right to the interesting archaeological sites of the ancient Greek monuments for which the Cyclades are famous. Indeed, any other means of transport - such as ferries - will only allow you to reach the major commercial ports, from which you would then have to take a bus or taxi to visit that particular greek temple or enjoy that particular beach. Moreover, in the afternoon the regular tourists will disappear and you will have the port, anchorage, temple bay or beach all to yourself!

Also note that despite its luxury (chef cook gourmet dinner and a private cruise), this concept of Cyclades motorsailer honeymoons is actually also a cheap way of seeing the real Greece. If you add ferry fares and hotels, sailing turns out to be the cheaper way of exploring the Cyclades. Although the actual superyachts and megayachts would be more expensive of course.

The traditional wooden motorsailers come in slight variations: caiques, gulets, goulettes, tirhandils, gullets or simply as motor sailers. Yet, all is ideal for honeymoons in the Cyclades.

Although the Tinos, Kythnos and Andros are well worth it, I believe that the best islands are well south in the Cyclades. Besides the obvious and famous islands of Milos and Santorini, here in the south Cyclades you must (note the imperative :-) explore Amorgos, Folegandros and Sifnos as well, stunningly beautiful! Moreover, Paros and Naxos (see image above) are gems too, but Ios and Mykonos are slightly overrated, especially in August when there will be just too many tourists concentrated on these islands. Mykonos, however, is the best place to visit Delos (Dilos) from. Indeed, Delos is also one of the northern Cycladic islands that you should include on Cyclades motorsailer honeymoons...

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