Athens bareboat sailing

Athens bareboat sailing

Diving in Greece - whether sailing bareboat from Athens or Kos etc. - is restricted in order to preserve and protect both the natural treasures and the rich ancient history of the thousands of archaeological sites dotted along the immensely long coastline of the Aegean sea, which are mostly not excavated or thoroughly researched yet. However, snorkelling is allowed everywhere and gives access to the most lovely underwater must-see destinations. The only downside is the proximity to Athens which reflects the quality (read: pollution) of the sea surface water.

Athens bareboat sailing holidays indeed means sailing as quickly as possible - preferably the first day - at least beyond the island of Aegina, if possible even to Methana or Poros. Note, that Methana offers a delightful natural pollutions in the form of sulphurous smells showing the volcanic origin of the peninsula. In other words the northern and eastern parts of the Saronic Gulf are less interesting for snorkelling than the Poros approach, Hydra Gulf and of course the Argolic Gulf. In many Athens bareboat sailing vacations this notions explains the often longer than one week itineraries that are favoured, since a 14 day itinerary enables you to properly visit the Argolic Gulf which lacks bases for yacht charters, which also explains the lack of oneway routes in the area. Elsewhere in the Aegean the one-way routes are highly recommended to sail with the prevailing winds from behind from Athens to for example Syros, Paros or even Kos in the Dodecanese. Note however that these oneway itineraries are a lot more advanced than the typical Athens bareboat sailing routes, covering twice the distance per day under sail, anchoring a not always very secluded anchorages and involve difficult port to manoeuvre.

If planning to cruise the Greek waters for the first time, Athens bareboat sailing is highly adviced and is also very practical with flights in mind. After the first day the natural beauty of the Saronic Gulf and particularly the Argolic Gulf will proof perfect for snorkelling and swimming in beautiful ports and anchorages in bays overlooked by ancient temples and medieval castles.

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